Year of the Goat 2021

JANUARY 2021, 17Th;

After almost 13 years on the Internet, YouTube censored the Videoclip; Thermonuclear ascension for violent / explicit content. A good start to the year for wargoatcult, the joke tells itself. Thanks for the free promotion Haters.

JANUARY 2021, 20Th;

During the creation of the new Album that based on a deep inspiration and determination many ideas emerged. Lord Necrotomb started with the composition of another new Album. Is not the first time that he has worked on two albums at the same time. The future will dictate the way .. A year of low activity like 2020 except in the composition caused a great thirst for revenge ..

MARCH 2021, 25Th;

After many inconveniences due to the World situation with COVID, finally the album recorded and scheduled to be released in 2020 titled Plvs Vltra was released through the Brazilian Pagan War Rex Label on March 25, 2021.

This same day the Video Lyric of the song: Evil Revelation was released on all digital platforms such as YouTube etc.

ARPIL 2021, 13Th;

After having composed and recorded all the music for the new Album 2021, except for the guitar solos, Lord Necrotomb began the recording of voices.

MAY 2021, 26Th;

Wargoatcult signed again with Brutal Panzer Assault records for the release of the second album of the year 2021 titled Ad Victoriam, based on the Punic Wars.

JUNE 2021, 6Th;

The second album for the year 2021 titled Ad Victoriam was completely finished.

Growth continues to ignore limits and avoid horizons, using the pandemic as inspiration without looking back, dodging the abysses of those who cry submerged in nostalgia, anxiety and depression for what was and could not be ...

Courage is a Gift that is not earned, it is born with it, the Battle of life is only a state of mind, the prelude to eternity.

Eternal Hails to the Gods of war!

AUGUST 2021, 28Th;

wargoatcult will record the Orgasmatron cover for Motorhead Tribute (on the wargoatcult way) that will be released on digital platforms worldwide under the reowned

Antichrist Magazine. Release date 2022. Stay tunned.

SEPTEMBER 2021, 13Th;

Veni.Vidi.Vici Ep 2021 was released via Bandcamp/Youtube.

DECEMBER 2021, 29Th;

Due to problems with the Label Brutal Panzer Assault records, wargoatcult released the album Ad Victoriam officially in digital format via Bandcamp, thus being dated in the year 2021 as originally intended.