Year of the Goat 2020

FEBRUARY 2020, 1Th;

A new official t-shirt from the album "The Wargonaut" was released via Pagan War Rex Distro.

FEBRUARY 2020, 6Th;

Wargoatcult begins the recording of a new Videoclip for the song; Damnatio Memoriae of the Full Length 2019/20 The Wargonaut.

FEBRUARY 2020, 25Th;

Wargoatcult finished the recording of the 2020 Album titled; Plvs Vltra, a new recording / composition created during dire personal events for Lord Necrotomb, showing a further step (Plvs Vltra) the path of self-improvement.

MARCH 2020, 16Th;

Due to the problems with COVID 19 and the imposition of Quarantine, Wargoatcult has been forced to cancel the recording of the voices for their new album. The album was already fully recorded and all that remained was to record the voices, unfortunately we have to wait.

APRIL 2020, 13Th;

The Album "The wargonaut" released by the Brazilian Label Pagan War Rex in 2019, was uploaded to the Bandcamp account.

JULY 2020, 25Th;

The Split wargoatcult/Diabolical-DCLXVI released in 2019 via war-Machine Prod, was uploaded to the Bandcamp account.

AUGUST 2020, 8Th;

From 08-06-2020 all the content of the web related to discography was limited to people who really support wargoatcult, creating for it an exclusive section for members called Army. The only requirement is to send the photo of your physical material from wargoatcult or the sample that you have bought music through Bandcamp. There are many compelling reasons for creating this section that do not need to be mentioned. If you really support wargoatcult this should not be a problem for you.

AUGUST 2020, 9Th;

While the webmaster was working on the official website hosted at, the wix platform allegedly suffered an attack and thousands of Pages were taken down, including the one from wargoatcult.

September 2020, 6Th;

The previous wargoatcult website hosted on wix and with was banned without prior notice and a lot of information was lost that at the moment will not be available.

September 2020, 10Th;

After the good results of Album 2019, The Wargonaut,Wargoatcult signs again with Pagan war Rex from Brazil for the 2020 album release titled; Plvs Vltra

October 2020, 3Th;

Wargoatcult started the composition / Recording for the Album 2021.

November 2020, 25Th;

After a long struggle to recover the lost data, wargoatcult manages to recover the wix page with all its information and the new official site of the Band is transferred to the domain on another server, assiduously abandoning for their poor service.

November 2020, 27Th;

Many projects were abandoned and others postponed due to the current problem with COVID 19, but wargoatcult continues on the path of the dead fighting its personal battle. Perseverance always pays off. Plvs Vltra is a giant step, the next album will be bigger.

December 2020, 01Th;

A teaser video for the 2020 Plvs Vltra album was uploaded to youtube & IGTV Official channels.

December 2020, 30Th;

Full Length 2020; Plvs Vltra was released via Pagan War Rex-Brazil (Finally no, it continued to suffer delay due to the Pandemic.).