Title; Plvs Vltra

Label; Pagan War Distro-Brazil

Format; Cd-Jewel case

Copies; 500

Release Date;03/25/2021

Cover & design;

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Track list;

1-A Pray for the existence of the war

2-Evil Revelation

3-The false dichotomies of Hate

4-Thy Mantra/Creatio ex nihilo

5-Process of annihilation


7-Transcendence of the spirit to the blood

8-Create for the Love ov Shaitan

9-Gold for the Elders Blood

10-Graves of the Fathers



Music Decomposed & Recorded From 10/11/2019 to 02/25/2020 At Bunker Studios-Caracas-Venezuela.

Voices Recorded at Full Music Studios 10-10-2020 Caracas-Venezuela.

Mixed & Mastered at Bunker Studios From 10-12-2020 to 10-26-2020

All Music/Intros/Lyrics/Instruments/Voices & Concept by Lord Necrotomb

Additional notes;

Plvs Vltra is a conceptual album like all the previous ones but far removed from all the subject matter addressed by wargoatcult so far.

Was written and recorded under very harsh personal conditions for L. Necrotomb where many factors intervened, especially the loss of his father, who made a profound change in his existential problems, which is reflected throughout the entire Album.

It is a declaration of principles and a strong evolution in all aspects where the earthly departure of a Father is shown and the continuity of his human legacy in the form of Music through his descendants.

This Album basically talks about existential torment and "the awakening" of consciousness, delving into the personal philosophy of L. Necrotomb.

It could be said that it is a completely philosophical and profound Album.

The song "Graves of the Fathers" was written during his father's stay on his deathbed, who passed away on the day of its completion. The entire Musical structure is built under the Fibonacci / Golden Ratio sequence applied to Music to bring it to maximum perfection.

In this Album the compositional level far removed from all the other works grew exponentially in all aspects as did the Instrumental performance. Something that L. Necrotomb did not apply previously because he did not find the need to do so.

This is the first Album where Guitar Solos are included.

The term Plvs Vltra was used for the first time in 1516 by Carlos I of Spain, who used it as his personal motto as an expression of the dynamism of the new Spanish Empire. This motto was used to encourage sailors to defy and forget the ancient warning from Greek mythology, according to which Hercules had put two pillars in the Strait of Gibraltar, and it was believed that they were the limit of the World, the last frontier that the Mediterranean sailors could reach. It was the Non terrae plus ultra (‘There is no land beyond’) in reference also to Finisterre (Galizia).

Wargoatcult uses it in the same way breaking his own musical barriers to date and lyrically as his father's departure.

This album was recorded following the techniques previously used in albums such as Aguia de Aceiro or Armada Invencible, where a clearer production is sought avoiding the saturation / distortion that today is applied to all albums on the market, which only seek to sound more high to compete with commercial standards, making them sound like shit. Plvs Vltra sounds at a lower volume than all current productions, but without overdriving, so simply turn up your volume to soak up a full experience of new Necro-frequencies.

Plvs Vltra is the most exciting album I have ever written.

Lord Necrotomb. 11/28/2020