Year of the Goat 2022

JANUARY 2022, 1Th;

wargoatcult continues to work on Album 2022 and the cover Orgasmatron for the Motorhead tribute.

MARCH 2022, 1 Th;

The Orgasmatron cover whose final title was Wargasmatron, was finalized and sent for Motorhead tribute compilation released on digital platforms through Antichrist Magazine.

MARCH 2022, 2 Th;

After several years haunting Lord Necrotomb's head, an idea that came from long ago began to take shape. It was a compilation of covers of the Bands that in one way or another have influenced Lord Necrotomb.

The recordings of this ambitious project entitled Warphabet (A title that by itself gives enough clues) began on January 18, 2022.

Never expect a "normal cover" made by wargoatcult, that's why the original songs already exist.

MARCH 2022, 2 Th;

During the process of the Album Ad victoriam, many ideas emerged for subsequent works that began to bear fruit on January 20, 2021. From that moment on, the work was incessant and the mental explosion of Lord Necrotomb led to endless new possibilities that during more than a year were a reason for intense work.

The result of all this work to date was the

composition and recording of 1 complete Album and 75% of another, except for the lyrics/voices, although the concept of each Album was already perfectly devised.

APRIL 2022, 13 Th;

Antichrist Magazine launched digitally via youtube the tribute to Motorhead where wargoatcult participated with the cover of Orgasmatrom, a song that marked Lord Necrotomb in his beginnings within the world of Metal. Verbatim words of Lord Necrotomb; My first Back Patch was the cover of Orgasmatrom, which I adorned my jacket for many years and I keep with pride!

Finally the tribute has been dedicated to the brave Ukrainian people!

Slava Urkaini!