Title; Armada Invencible

Label; Merch of the Dead Prods-Spain

Format; Cd

Copies; 200

Release Date; 10/26/2019

Cover & design;

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Track list;

1-Baixo unha soa Bandeira.

2-Heroes das Ardenas

3-O Batallón dos defuntos

4-Terzos enfrontan a Morte

5-Emblemas da Irmandade

6-Treboadas de Caona

7-Escuras Tebras de Lepanto

8-Armada invencíbel

9-Escuro Himno dos Demos


Armada Invencible was composed/Recorded/Mixed & Mastered from 01/12/2016 to 02/15/2019 at Bunker Studios-Caracas-Venezuela.

All Music/lyrics/Instruments/Voices & Concept by Lord Necrotomb.

Additional notes;

Armada Invencible is based on some of the most epic victories and battles of the glorious Spanish Army throughout history, taking as protagonists the Thirds of Flanders and the 250 Blaue Division. The title of the album refers to the Spanish Navy created by Philip II during the Anglo-Spanish War between 1585 and 1604 with the aim of overthrowing Elizabeth I and invading England.

This album, is the second album sung in Galician, being the native language of Lord Necrotomb provides a greater feeling and emphasis on the story told.

Armada Invencible is a retrospective album, returning to the most linear form of the band but developing new harmonic and melodic lines that give the music a more epic air. Perhaps this is the most epic album of wargoatcult to date, but the script demanded this music. You should always remember that the lyrics in wargoatcult are just as important as the rest of the work. Without one piece, the other can not exist.