Title; Águia de Aceiro

Label; Barbatos Productions-Russia

Format; Cd

Copies; 200

Release Date; 12/01/2018

Cover & design;

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Track list;

1-O triunfo da maldade

2-Conxuro co Diaño da destrución

3-Campos da Morte

4-Ás portas de Leningrado

5-Cabaleiro Lexionario

6-Antigas insignias de honor

7-O Espírito da Cabra

8-Pola vitoria final

9-Furiosos ventos do eterno holocausto

10-Na violenta guerra total

11-O emblema da caveira

12-Sangue guerreira

13-Águia de aceiro

14-Black metal Pogromo

15-Somos el azote de la Humanidad


Águia de Aceiro was composed from 03/09/2018 to 04/21/2018 and recorded,mixed & Mastered in May 2018 from 24 to 25.

All Music/intros/lyrics/instruments/voices & concept by Lord Necrotomb.

Additional notes;

This album is sung entirely in Gallego (Galician) , the native dialect of Necrotomb and dedicated to his father A.C.S. , who has always been the form of inspiration and strength in their way of life. Singing in the mother tongue was always a latent idea in the Band as a way of reclaiming its principles and enhancing its own culture, which finally saw the light in this Album.

Águia de Aceiro represents the total evolution of wargoatcult after completing 10 years of progress with the Album Phasmatis Interregnum.

In this Album the musical and vocal evolution is represented in quite drastic changes, making use of a new style of voice never before used in the Band, mixing the initial vocal style with the development of the voice used in Phasmatis Interregnum, always looking for personality.. Moving wgc away more and more from the classic terrain of the traditional Black Metal to enter a much more brutal terrain, thus taking the proposal to more extreme terrain.. Delving into more technical and complex compositions giving a more and more extreme, personal and brutal touch to the Music.

​The corruption of the genre and the scene in this "Top" year 2018 are enough reasons to keep pushing the band away from the rest of the media / social circus trying to maintain the brutality and authenticity that most of the bands deny and have chosen to forget using Mid Tempos and business formulas.

​Initially the album was going to be released by Magistellus Infernal Prods / Pentagram Records, but due to problems foreign to the band finally the contract was canceled. After negotiating its release with several Labels, it was finally launched by Barbatos Prods.

​Songs 14 & 15 Belong to Black Metal Pogromo-Ep 2018.

​A video Lyric was made for the song; Conxuro có Díaño da destrución and uploaded to the official YouTube channel on November 1, 2018 to begin the promotion of the album.