Year of the Goat 2019

JANUARY 2019, The inflection Point, another one?..

The works that wargoatcult has been developing for almost two years to be launched in 2018 are Almost ready.

New mental dimensions and evolution of the Band is still the way to go. Stagnation in a single slope Has never been the path of wargoatcult. Regardless of the criticism, Necrotomb never follows the Rules established as well as the ones not spoken because Black metal is the spiritual freedom of The individual.

FEBRUARY 2019, 6Th;

Wargoatcult completes the recording, mixing and mastering of 4 songs for a new Demo that opens the year 2019 entitled; Die Glocke. This Demo includes 3 original songs of the Band and a version/adaptation of the song Unholy Black Metal of the mythical Dark Throne Band with the title; Unholy War Metal. This stuff will be available in Cdr vinyl through Merch of The Dead Productions in 66 copies & via Digital through Bandcamp.

FEBRUARY 2019, 15Th;

After little more than two years of work shared between three albums, wargoatcult finalizes the composition, recording, mixing and mastering of its tenth album, Armada invencible.

Being this the second complete album sung in the native language of Necrotomb, Galician.

FEBRUARY 2019, 27Th;

Wargoatcult signs with War-Machine Prods-Belgium, for the release of wargoatcult/ Diabolical-split Cd 2019.

MARCH 2019, 28Th;

Die Glocke Demo 2019 was released by Merch of the Dead Productions on Cd-Vinyl (66 Copies) & Digital Format via Bandacmap.

APRIL 2019, 2Th;

A new Lyric video of the song; Dawn of the Titans Blood-Dormant at the Henge was released and uploaded to the official youtube channels of wargoatcult and Merch of the Dead productions.

APRIL 2019, 11Th;

A new Lyric video of the song; Ás Portas de Leningrado from Águia de Aceiro Álbum was released and uploaded to the official youtube channel.

APRIL 2019, 21Th;

Wargoatcult finalizes the composition, recording, mixing and mastering of 5 new songs for the split with the indonesian Band Diabolical.

MAY 2019, 6Th;

The Band finalizes the composition, recording, mixing and mastering of two songs for a Digital EP titled Apocryphal Canon including two new songs.

MAY 2019, 7Th;

wargoatcult signs again with Barbatos Productions-Russia for the release of "Armada Invencible" Álbum 2019.

MAY 2019, 21Th;

Apocryphal Canon EP was self-released in Cdr & via Bandcamp.

JULY 2019, 1Th;

A video clip of the song; Slaves of Ir-Kalla under abomination was recorded between June 29 and 30, 2019 and published on YouTube and Vimeo platforms on July 1, 2019.

JULY 2019, 9Th;

Wargoatcult signs with Pagan War Distro-Brazil for the release of the Album 2020.

JULY 2019, 20-21Th;

The Band entered the Full Music Studios-Caracas-Venezuela to record the voices of the split with the Indonesian Diabolical Band for the Label War Machine Prods-Belgium and the voices of the upcoming album 2020 for the Label Pagan war Distro-Brazil.

AUGUST 2019, 9Th;

A promotional video for Apocryphal Canon EP 2019 was created and uploaded to youtube.

SEPTEMPBER 2019, 21Th;

Wargoatcult finished the recording / mixing and mastering of his new album; The Wargonaut.

OCTOBER 2019, 16Th;

Wargoatcult released the 2019 Demo; Evil Walks, available exclusively via Bandcamp. Includes the 5 songs of the split; Wargoatcult / Diabolical-DCLXVI sung with a totally different voice.

OCTOBER2019, 22Th;

A new lyric video of; Treboadas de Caona, from Armada Invencible Full length 2019 was made

and uploaded to youtube channel.

OCTOBER 2019, 26Th;

After several failed deals with different Labels and the inability of Barbatos Prods-Russia to launch the Album on time, Necrotomb decides to launch the album; Armada Invencible through its own Label; Merch of the Dead Prods in Cd and Digital format via Bandcamp.

Armada Invencible is finally out! Limited to 200 copies on Jewell cas

OCTOBER 2019, 11Th;

Lord Necrotomb begins the composition / recording of the 2020 Album., experiencing exponential growth, a step beyond all the music created to date. It will be the first album in the history of wargoatcult that will include Guitar Solos.

NOVEMBER 2019, 11Th;

wargoatcult/Diabolical-DCLXVI Split Cd was released via Warmachineprod-Belgium-Limited to 500 copies.

DECEMBER 2019, 10Th;

wargoatcult-The Wargonaut-Full Length was released via Pagan war Distro-Brazil on CD/Digital Format.