Year of the Goat 2018

JANUARY 2018, The inflection Point.

The works that wargoatcult has been developing for almost two years to be launched in 2018 are Almost ready.

New mental dimensions and evolution of the Band is still the way to go. Stagnation in a single slope Has never been the path of wargoatcult. Regardless of the criticism, Necrotomb never follows the Rules established as well as the ones not spoken because Black metal is the spiritual freedom of The individual.


Working on albums 9,10 & 11 since April 2016.

An extreme synthesis of thought, language, musical evolution and social abstraction.

A very ambitious project on a spiritual level

FEBRUARY 2018, 21Th;

wargoatcult finalized the composition of 3 new songs and two covers for a new demo entitled Kadaververwertungsanstalt.This demo was composed from 08/21/2017 to 02/21/2018 being part of the process of a new Album.

FEBRUARY 2018, 24 to 25Th

wargoatcult entered the studio and recorded a new Demo entitled Kadaververwertungsanstalt, including 3 New songs and two covers, Tormentor by Kreator & Outbreak of evil by Sodom.

MARCH 2018, 3Th;

Enigma , the dark ambient album based in Phasmatis Interregnum Album 2017 was released in Digital Format (Bandcamp) via Merch of the Dead Prods.

MARCH 2018, 9Th;

Wargoatcult begins the composition of a new album sung entirely in Galician, the native language of Necrotomb and signs again with Magistellvs Infernal Prods from Peru for this release in 2018.

MARCH 2018, 16Th;

Wargoatcult signs again with Magistellvs Infernal Prods/Pentagram Recs from Peru for release the upcoming full length 2018 entitled; Águia de Aceiro.

APRIL 2018, 6Th;

Kadaververwertungsanstalt was released in Cdr vinyl format by the Label Merch of the Dead Prods exclusively for Venezuela and digital format via Bandcamp by the same Label and the band's site.

APRIL 2018, 20Th​;

Wargoatcult begins the composition/Recroding of two new songs for a new Ep.

MAY 2018, 21Th​;

Wargoatcult finished the composition of the new album 2018-Águia de Aceiro.

JUNE 2018, 10Th​;

Wargoatcult signs with Sons of Hell Prods/Goatica Recs-Germany for re-release Kadaververwertungsanstalt Demo 2018 on Cassette format-200 copies.

JUNE 2018, 29Th​;

Wargoatcult begins the composition of new stuff, time will tell..

JULY 2018, 6Th​;

Wargoatcult finished and released a new Digital Ep via Bandcamp entitled; Black Metal Pogromo

Including 2 new songs in spanish.

JULY 2018, 10Th​;

Wargoatcult released a new lyric-video lor for "Black Metal Pogromo" song.

JULY 2018, 15Th​;

After several problems foreign to the band, the contract with Magistellvs Infernal Prods / Pentagram recs for the new Album is suspended.

AUGUST 2018, 1Th​;

Wargoatcult signs with Goatica Recs-Germany for release the new Album "Águia de Aceiro" On Cd format.

SEPTEMBER 2018, 11Th​;

Wargoatcult signs with 13 Listras Recs-Brazil for a 4-way split Cd entitled; Hammering in the everlasting struggle, including Black Metal Pogromo song.

OCTOBER 2018, 15Th​;

After 8 years of activity wargoatcult decided to close his official facebook due to the censorship and stupidity that dominates that social network, where the unwritten laws prevail finally destroying the music and echoing only the bad press towards bands and musicians in particular.

NOVEMBER 2018, 1Th​;

A new video Lyric for the song "Conxuro co Diaño da destrucion" from the album "Águia de Aceiro" was created and uploaded to the official Youtube/Vimeo channels. This song was uploaded to official Soundcloud too.

NOVEMBER 2018, 15Th​;

After many negotiations with several labels around the globe and several contracts canceled due to issues outside the band, Wargoatcult finally signed with Barbatos Productions-Russia, for the release of Águia de Aceiro-Album 2018 in Cd format. Thus entering the Russian scene for the first time with a full album after having participated in the renowned compilation: Hammerstorm Compialtion Vol4 made by Barbatos Prods. The black plague continues with its metastasis ..

DECEMBER 2018, 17Th​;

The Band begins the composition of two songs for a Digital EP in 2019

DECEMBER 2018, 31Th​;

Wargoatcult ends the year 2018 without fulfilling its initial purposes. All the musical work has been ready, but the lack of commitment on the part of the Labels has made it impossible to carry out all the ideas and expectations. Finally, only two Demos and a Album were released throughout the year, which changes the band's expectations for 2019. No doubt this year, several new full length will be released and the band will continue with their insatiable thirst for creation and destruction. The evolution of a Band depends on many conditions that do not always exist, but as I usually say; I will only be defeated when I do not get up again.

Fuck off your stupid new year.