Year of the Goat 2017


Wargoatcult signed again with Elegy records-Usa for the 10Th anniversary Album.

JULY 07/07/2017;

Fully recorded / mixed / mastered eighth album of the band Phasmatis Interregnum

Including 11 new songs that represent another new turning point in the band's career.

JULY 2017

Wargoatcult release a new Ep titled "Warbrakadabrah" including two songs;

Warbrakadabrah & March of the Iberians, both from upcoming Album Phasmatis Interregnum.

This ep is the first release only available in digital format through Bandcamp that the band does.

Renewed or die..


Wargoatcult begins the composition of 11Th Album, The Wargonaut.


Wargoatcult release the First "ambient" Album based on Phasmatis Interregnum Album 2017 entitled "Enigma", this album is a prelude to the band's 10th anniversary album.

It was recorded by two Venezuelan violinists with Necrotomb in charge of percussion and synthesizers at the famous Teresa Carreño Theater-Caracas-Venezuela.

The music is all written by Necrotomb and is in short a disambiguation of the album Pahasmatis Interregnum.

Just recorded in the classical style, as if it were Bach or Paganini using the scores and doing Improvisation

This is the second recording available only in digital format through Bandcamp. This is because a Album like this nobody is willing to release it in the usual formats within the Metal, since it is not Metal in itself.


Merch of the Dead prods release a Logo Button (5,5 Cm/2,16 Inches).

DECEMBER 2017, day 13.

Wargoatcult release the 10Th aniversay album titled Phasmatis Interregnum via Elegy Recs USA on Digipack format including 11 new songs.