Year of the Goat 2016


Wargoatcult signs with Merch of the Dead Prods (Spain) releasing two new shirts and a Big Embroidered Patche Logo.

These editions can be seen practically as self-releases because Merch of the Dead prods is a Necrotomb property. Due to the lack of Credibility of the current Labels that they demand and do Not comply, Necrotomb takes the reins of the matter and decides to continue their adventure Unleashing productions without the need to kneel before anyone.

Underground is underground.


Wargoatcult signs with Merch of the Dead Prods (Spain) to participate in the Compilation "El matadero de Cristo" with the song "Verga de Chivo en Culo de Monja" from "En pie de Guerra" Album.

Sharing with Morbosidad, kulto Maldito, Masturbacion Cristiana and many more.

February 2016, 1TH;

Merch of the Dead Prods release a new official wargoatcult shirt.

Demon-Front & Logo Back in Black colour.

APRIL 2016;

Wargoatcult begins the composition of its 9Th Album "Indomitous Apatrida".

APRIL 2016, 6Th;

El Matadero de Cristo compilation Vol 1 was released via Merch of the Dead Prods.

APRIL 2016, 1TH;

Merch of the Dead Prods release a new official embroidered Patch.

MAY 2016;

Wargoatcult broke the contract with Brutal Panzer Assault recs and moves away from the Label to Continue on its own path and again in the search for someone to launch their jobs working seriously.

Finally signs with Magistellvs Infernal prods (Peru) for "Proteus Inferno" Album Release.

An underground Label, serious, firm and professional with which the band has already worked on a previous occasion for the album Hatecatomb

JUNE 6Th Day;

Wargoatcult begins the composition of what will be the new album that represents the tenth Anniversary of the band.

After a lot of work and the relocation of Bunker Studios in Caracas-Venezuela, this is the first album completely composed and recorded outside the initial location of the Bunker Studios.

Also strangely, it is the second album that matches in order of release and recording.


Wargoatcult signs with Merch Of The Dead Prods for wargoatcult/Hereticum Split Cd titled Black war on slim case with Double Cd.

This split was agreed with another label from Chile called Engulfed In Darkness recs that turned out To be a total disaster due to the uselessness and lack of experience of its owner.

The contract was broken and Necrotomb decided to do it through Merch of the Dead prods.


Wargoatcult signs with the Legendary Label Elegy records-Usa for release The law of Kalashnikov.

The first Album recorded in 2008 and never released.

It was only released by Mutilaionary recs in cassette format and including the Nuclearmageddon Theories demo under the title;

The law of nuclearmageddon.

That edition was supposed to come out by the Label Terror Cult Productions of Ireland too,

In spite of the fact that in many Internet sites it appears as a real edition, it is not true, it was never edited and if so, the Band never received copies of that release.

SEPTEMBER 2016, 16Th;

Wargoatcult/Hereticum Blck war split Cd was released via Merch of The Dead Prods-Spain


Merch of the Dead Prods release a new official wargoatcult shirt.

In military green with embroidered Logo.


Wargoatcult begins the composition of its 10Th Album "Armada Invencible"..


Wargoatcult release with Elegy records-Usa The law of Kalashnikov on Day 1.

After so much effort and almost 10 years after the album was recorded, it finally manages to see the light.

This release became over the years in something more than a simple release, it became a true crusade, but finally and thanks to the professionalism of Elegy recs, the law of Kalashnikov, the cursed album was released, just an album that deserved to be heard without falling into oblivion.

DECEMBER 2016, day 31.

Wargoatcult release Proteus Inferno, the official 7th Album via Magistellvs Infernal Prods/Pentagram Recs-Peru.

Proteus Infernó is the first album of the band in which the order of release and recording correspond.