Year of the Goat 2015

JANUARY 2015-DAY-11:

Wargoatcult released "War Bringer-War Cult" via Nigra Mors Recs (Spain) including 17 songs from 2008 to 2013 of unreleased Demos, splits that were never unleashed or single songs with very little Diffusion that deserved to be heard as "Nuevos Dioses", Based on the Best-Seller of human cloning Thematic by Alberto Vazquez Figueroa; Nuevos Dioses.


wargoatcult/Beasthrone split 7Ep entitled War Metal/Blood cult was released via Total Death recs-Germany.

MARCH 2015;

Wargoatcult be part of Hammerstorm IV Compilation-Russia including "Esbirros de lo podrido" song.

This song belongs to a total of 5 songs that were going to be released in a split with the band Masturbacion Cristiana.

That split never saw The light, but was included in War Bringer / War Cult as unpublished material.

Finally this stuff was also unleashed in a split with Hereticum titled; Black War in CD format, by the Label Merch of The Dead Prods, Owned by Lord Necrotomb.

APRIL 2015:

Wargoatcult appears in the compilation "Raw is War" of the Mexican Label Total War recs.

JUNY 2015

Wargoatcult release a new low-cost videoclip from Vaalbara implosion ep performing the song;

Anthems of war. This song was also released in video Lyric a year before. Due to its acceptance, it Was decided to make the video clip.

JULY 2015

Wargoatcult release a new videoclip performing "Pangea deflagration" from Hatecatomb Album 2013.

Due to the impact of this song live, pertaining to the album Hatecatomb presented in a concert in Milano-Italy, in the end Necrotomb decided to create a video clip.


Wargoatcult signs with Brutal Panzer Assault recs (Ex Storm of Bullets) Mex for release the first Album In Digipack format, The Law of Kalashnikov, recorded in 2008 and never published until 2015.

(The album was not released either due to problems with the Label. Despite having released "En Pie de Guerra" and having agreed to a double album that never came out, wargoatcult continued to believe in the Label because of its close friendship).


Wargoatcult signs (again) with Brutal Panzer Assault recs (Mex) for release the new Album; Proteus Inferno, while looking for some stamp that finally unties The law of Kalashnikov