Year of the Goat 2014

MARCH 2014;

Wargoatcult sings with Nigra Mors recs from Spain and release a 4-way split on cassette format titled "Legatvm Damnatorvm"

Including Wargoatcult/Hereticum/Xerion/Terrorsaw Bands.

The idea arose while the band was waiting their turn to play their concert in Milano-Italy presenting the Album Hatecatomb.

APRIL 2014;

Wargoatcult signs with Brutal Panzer Assault Recs (Ex-Storm of Bullets) from Mex for release "Hordas do Inferno" This record includes two unreleased albums; En Pie de guerra & The law of Kalashnikov with the idea of being edited in cd format as a double disc on Digipack Format+Sticker,patche including a shirt.

APRIL 2014;

Wargoatcult signs with Soul Eraser recs from Brazil for release wargoatcult/Hereticum

Split Cd, including all demos from each Band.

Finally this edition did not see the light due to the cancellation of the treatment by the Band,

Necrotomb decided that re-editing the demo would be absurd.

The Bands that continually release their demos is because they really have nothing to offer by Feeding their ego with the past

APRIL 2014;

Official Rotting Christ tribute with 19 Bands was released. Wargoatcult performing-Restoration of the Infernal Kingdom sharing with Bessat, Naer Mataron, Xerion and many more in a double cd Limited To 1000 copies

JULY 2014;

Wargoatcult entered the relocated (second location) Bunker Studios to compose & record the new next "Proteus Inferno".

AUGUST 2014;

Wargoatcult signs with Nigra Mors records-Spain for the release of "War bringer-War cult" Cd.

A disc that contains unpublished songs or another one with little diffusion.

All the songs were recorded and composed between 2009 and 2013.


On day 11 wargoatcult release a new promo titled "Vaalbara implosion" including raw two songs;

Anthems of war & The shining-the Omega from the upcoming album 2014.


Wargoactult signs with Brutal Panzer Assault recs-Mex for 2015 album, before the impossibility of release the new album in 2014.


The new album "Proteus Inferno" was completely finished.

NOVEMBER 2014, 1Th;

The album "En Pie de guerra" recorded in 2010 is finally released via Brutal panzer assault recs on Digipak format.


Wargoatcult sings with Total Death Recs (Germany) for wargoatcult/Beasthrone split 7" including Two songs each Band.

The two wargoatcult songs came from "Cornuta Cernunnos" Demo that was never unleashed but Was included in War Bringerr/War Cult compilation as unpublished material.


Wargoatcult includes a song in the compilation of the Frenopatiko Club of Vigo-Spain for its 10th Anniversary, Including several bands that have gone through their stage over the years as Blaspherian, Broken Hope, Ragnarok (Swe) or the mighty Vulcano from Brazil.