Year of the Goat 2013


On day 13, Hatecatomb, the third official album & the sixth recorded was completely finalized, Including 10 new songs.


Wargoatcult appears in the official tribute to Rotting Christ versioning "Restoration of the Infernal kingdom" from Satanas Tedeum Demo 89.


Wargoatcult self-released a new Promo titled "The Opponent", including two raw songs;

1-War spirits summon

2-Pangea deflagration

Both from the upcoming album Hatecatomb.


Nocturna Disharmonica Pestilentia (Better known as Nocturno from Xerión) joined the band as

Live session Guitarrist.


Wargoatcult signs again with Diabolos Prods to unleash the first official hoddie.


Wargoatcult signed with Magistellvs Infernal Prods with official distribution with Pentagram Recs From Perú for release the upcoming new album Hatecatomb.

The promo "The opponent" caused an impact on the scene for its innovation in sound and Brutality as the lyrical content.

MARCH 2013;

Wargoatcult enters the studio to record two new songs and one Sepultura cover, Antichrist.

MARCH 2013;

Wargoatcult enters the studio to record a new demo with 3 songs titled; Inferno Crescendo, including; Atomic crusades, Re-procreation of evil & Demoniza (The will of the elite).

JUNE 2013;

The third official Wargoatcult album titled Hatecatomb is out via Magistellivs Infernal prods from Perú and Pentagram recs (Perú) as exclusive worldwide distribution.

JULY 2013;

5th Aniversary album is out via Talheim recs-Austria, was delayed 1 year before release.

The album was the fifth anniversary and was released in 2013 with a year of delay due to economic problems of the Label.

ApolokiA V is the fourth official album and the fifth recorded.

JULY 2013;

Wargoatcult enters the studio from the 22nd to the 25th to record a new demo,

The final result were two songs forming a new demo never released.

Cornuta Cernunnos;

1-Crush the Idols.

2-Subterranean dejection.

NOVEMBER 2013, 27tTh to 29Th;

Wargoatcult enters the studio from the record a new demo entitled "Bringer of bestial revelations",

The final result were two songs forming a new demo never released.

Bringer of bestial revelations;

1-Condemned to exile

2-Benomous plagues.


From 1 to 5 wargoatcult enters the studio to record 5 new songs for a new split with Masturbacion Cristiana.

DECEMBER 2013, 14Th to 15Th;

Due to the relocation of the Bunker Studios to Caracas-Venezuela, before it's dismantling,

Necrotomb records a farewell song, Mourning soul by Absurd.