Year of the Goat 2012

This year was the fifth year of existence of wargoatcult and was a very serious turning point.

There were just two official releases and practically no live performances.

For multiple reasons Necrotomb decided to move away from the scenarios to focus on the evolution Of the band in sound and composition, composing and recording new material.

This year the recording of ApolokiA V and Hatecatomb albums finally were finished.

At the same time reforming the line-up for the live performances.


A new demo with 5 songs for a possible split was recorded

Testament of the impious;

1-Necroatomik harmonies

2-Macabre pollution

3-As thunderous tides

4-War bringer/war cult

5-Messiah-Hellhammer cover

FEBRUARY 2012, 25Th

Wargoatcult/Xerion split cassette was released via Black Imperium Recs (Bra) in a different design From Nigra Mors Recs. Wargoatcult never received copies of this Label.

MARCH 6 to MAY 6;

Wargoatcult enters the studio and completes its fourth official album titled "ApolokiA V" including 9 New songs. This Album is considered the fifth anniversary of the band existence.

JUNE 26 ;

Wargoatcult/Extirpation split was released via Black Goat Terrorist Recs-Ecuador on cassette format

Including three songs discarded from a possible album.

JULY 1 ;

Wargoatcult / Die Human Race-Blasfematoria/Usque Ad Ossa Split Cassette was released via Supremacy of the war Recs-Brazil. 100 Copies.


Davallon (live session guitarrist) was Kicked out.

NOVEMBER 2012 to JANUARY 2013;

Wargoatcult enters the studio to complete the third official Album; Hatecatomb including 10 new Songs