Title; Warmageddonic alliance of Doom

Label; NuktemeronProds/Impaled Recs-Brazil

Format; Cd-Jewel case

Copies; 1000

Release Date; 10-10-2009

Cover & design;

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Track list;

1-Chalice of voluptuous flesh (IW 666).

2-Lord of the humble (IW 666).

3-Hail to the Gods of that world (IW 666).

4-The spirit of the fulmoon (IW 666).

5-I don t feel your wrath,Jeovah (IW 666).

6-La llave del Sol (Wargoatcult).

7-Desert storm (Wargoatcult).

8-Black Metal mercenary (Wargoatcult).

9-El Diablo metido (Wargoatcult).

10-1914 (Wargoatcult).


Recorded, mixed & masterized at Bunker Studios-Spain

by Lord Necrotomb.

All Music, lyrics, Instruments, Voices,

Intros & concept by Lord Necrotomb

Additional notes;

This edition supposed the first release in professional CD of the Band, opening the doors to the Brazilian scene.

A curious fact about this was that wargoatcult had not been promoted on the scene of their own country, Spain, even with the first demo.

The band is planned directly on the international scene starting in the USA and Germany.Coincidentally this split came to the underground catalogs of the Spanish scene and the media thought they were listening two Brazilian bands.