Title; Proteus Inferno

Label; Magistellvs Infernal Prods-Perú

Format; Cd-Jewel Case

Copies; 300

Release Date; 12/31/2016

Cover & design;

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Track list;

1-Tombs of the forgotten Ones

2-Baphovomit blood

3-Testament of the Impious

4-Bestial armageddon raids

5-Baphometic turbulence

6-The end of creation

7-Anthems of war

8-We ll Be the hammer of the Gods

9-Proteus Inferno

10-The shining-The Omega


Proteus Inferno was composed, recorded, mixed and mastered from July to October 2014 at the Bunker-Studios-Spain, in its second location before being relocated to Caracas.

Additional notes;

Proteus Inferno is the seventh album recorded by the band, this being the first album to conquer the real order of creation and release,the seventh.

In this album wargoatcult returned to the use of the high-pitched voice but mixed with the one waswas practiced in the last composed Albums, ApolokiA V and Hatecatomb, thus achieving a new dimension in the general sound of the band together with the constant evolution. Getting to create the perfect mix between classic Black Metal and the brutality of the most rancid old school Death Metal.

In this album, the use of keyboards was made in all the songs, taking the bass musical line, achieving a very thick and macabre atmosphere