Title; Phasmatis Interregnum

Label; Elegy records-Usa

Format; Digipak Cd

Copies; 500

Release Date; 12/13/2017

Cover & design;

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Track list;

1-A call of war

2-Axis of wrath

3-Battle . Storms . Domination

4-Archaic race Insignia

5-Genocidal necrovation

6-Darkness shall Be

7-Warrior Ethos

8-Trumpets of the Aphokalypse

9-March of the Iberians


11-Ara Solis-Nexus Omega


Phasmatis Interregnum was composed/Recorded/Mixed & Masterized from 06/06/2016 to 07/07/2017

At Bunker Studios-Caracas-Venezuela. All Music/Intros/lyrics/Instruments/Voices & Concept by Lord Necrotomb.

Additional notes;

Phasmatis Interregnum represents the 10Th wargoatcult anniversary, symbolizes the resurgence from

The ashes as the Ave Fenix by teleportation through the old Portal Ara Solis located next to the La Torre de Hèrcules

In A coruña-Spain, the oldest Roman Lighthouse of the Earth.

Beign thus the continuation of Proteus Inferno Album, Ara Solis is a three-Dimensional Portal built by Phoenicians

Used by the Celts to practice Black Magic and brings the infra-world army to our dimension.

Was ordained to be disbanded by Apostle Santiago.

The songs warbrakadabrah and March of the Iberians were choosen for the 2017 Ep Warbrakadabrah as preview Album.

You can also find a video lyric With the song; Axis of wrath