Title; Proselytizing nihilism


-wargoatcult music

-Blasphemous creation of hell Records-USA

-Plague Demon Records-USA

-Obskure Caos Distro-Brazil

-Merch of the Dead Prods-Spain


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-Limited edition-Digipak 100 Copies.

-Limited edition-Digipak 100 Copies.

-Obskure Caos Distro-Brazil-Slipcase Cd-300 Copies. February 2023

-Merch of the Dead Prods-Spain-100 Copies.

 January 2023

Release Date;12/04/2022

Cover & design; 

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Assisted by Toro is Design

Track list;

1-Hammering down the war

2-A blaze of glory

3-I Am the Genesis of         extermination

4-Slaying gods on temple  grounds

5-The forbidden metempsychosis of wrath

6-Ripping the vaults of the void

7-Luminous capitulation

8-Incoming Spiritual pantalgia

9-For those who have no will


Music Decomposed/Recorded/Mixed & Mastered

From 01/20/2021 to 09/21/2022 at Bunker Studios


All Music/Lyrics/Instruments & Concept by Lord Necrotomb

Design by Diabolos Tattoo-Art & Toro is Design.

Additional notes;

In this album, Wargoatcult's technical level was more advanced so far, using more tempo changes, more complex structures and working hard melody and harmony between both guitars with the support of a more technical bass to create dark and epic atmospheres (Always accompanied by a thunderous rhythm as the war drums themselves). Progression is still a palpable fact in all albums, but Proselytizing Nihilism is the most progressive recorded to date.

Lyrically, the album talks about the hatred that humanity processes through the Internet and how that is projected in a parallel reality that almost reaches the physical, an almost physical plane that added to daily reality turns the existence of the human into a complete chaos. A hate every day more exacerbated and motivated by current politics that inevitably as in all changes of the century, most likely, is that it leads to a new war beyond cybernetic, since they feed the ignorance and visceral rage that only It has a goal, the war itself.

Always and during, there will be a mental/interior war before each war and in each individual.