Title; Ad victoriam


-wargoatcult music


-Bandcamp and other digital platforms

Release Date;12/29/2021

Cover & design;

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Assisted by Toro is Design

Track list;

1-Lus ad bellum

2-Daemonium-Deus lo vult

3-Res non verba

4-Strategos Autokrator

5-Triumphator Dogma

6-Horrendis execrationibus

7-Spolia Opima

8-The awakening of victory

9-Ad Victoriam


Music Decomposed/Recorded/Mixed & Mastered

From 10/03/2020 to 6/6/2021 at Bunker Studios


All Music/Lyrics/Instruments & Concept by Lord Necrotomb

Design by Diabolos Tattoo-Art & Toro is Design.

Additional notes;

Ad Victoriam is a war / concept album based on the Punic wars covering the most important battles faced by the Roman Empire from the first Battle of Carthage in 216 BC to the last battle of Carthage in 149 BC. which was the final and decisive confrontation of the Third Punic War.

A great story about a great Empire synthesized in 9 songs that crosses the battlefields of Cannas or Zama where great strategists such as Publio Cornelio Scipio or AnĂ­bal Barca venerated for centuries to the present, played the most important and decisive roles in history that gave rise to the fate of the occident.

Ad Victoriam Lyrically also introduces itself in all the deeper aspects of military strategy, Honor, decorations and the celebration of triumphs to give it a more epic and great feeling, something that will always fall too short to describe in words/music the greatness of the Roman Empire.

Musically wargoatcult continues to grow, making guitar solos more common in their songs, creating much more complex riffs and structures.

A much lower tuning than usual has been used again to give a more epic, dark and brutal touch to the Album, again demonstrating that each Album requires changes in many aspects in order to reach the desired end.

Wargoatcult takes up arms again! Ad Victoriam!

Incompetence come true:

After a long wait and due to the lack of communication and incompetence of the Label Brutal Panzer Assault recs from Mex with which wargoatcult had previously worked, the decision has been made and Ad Victoriam nor any other work of the band will be released by this Label.

The Brazilian edition under the Label Oskure chaos Distro was postponed until February 2023 due to financial problems due to an accident suffered by its owner.