Title; Ad victoriam


-wargoatcult music


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Release Date;12/29/2021

Cover & design; 

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Assisted by Toro is Design

Track list;

1-Lus ad bellum

2-Daemonium-Deus lo vult

3-Res non verba

4-Strategos Autokrator

5-Triumphator Dogma

6-Horrendis execrationibus

7-Spolia Opima

8-The awakening of victory

9-Ad Victoriam


1-Lus ad bellum

Lus ad bellum

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Lus ad bellum

Ave Satana! hostibus sumus,Satana

               A coelo usque ad centrum                  

   Isti divinae revelationis inimici      

Ignis filiorum, immunde spiritus


                                                                                                                           Mare Nostrum

Lus ad bellum

Fulgur, Fulgurator, Victor,Triumphator,


lus ad bellum

Si vis pacem, para bellum

lus ad bellum

                 Inter arma,silent Leges                

Indivisa Manent

                   incerto exitu victoriae                 

                           Donec perficiam                          

Alea iacta est

      2-Daemonium-Deus lo vult      

Daemonium-Deus vult

Demon-Deus lo Vult

As the flash of a lightning 

The Black Beast fast approaching

Numidian flanking Legions

Like a burning crescent moon 

Into the dark

Intimidating Demons riding Nags

Surrounding his own infantry

A controlled withdrawal 

Testing the order of the impending chaos

Blood and honor feeding the steel

At the forefront

A Battle cry for freedom

Screaming free

Romans to the Lions..

Scutum, Pilum, Hastae, 

Cannot contain the attack

Spreading black Wings of destruction

Bloodshed is done

Cannà fields left behind 

3-Res non verba 


Res non verba 

Irae succubuit

Eritis ei in conculcationem   

Hic victor

                         Morior invictus                          

                     Veni, vidi, vici                     

Res non verba 

Irae succubuit

Pactum vestrum cum Inferno

Res non verba 

Pactum vestrum cum inferno

Pactum vestrum cum Morte

Pactum vestrum cum inferno 

Pactum vestrum cum aeternitatis

Res non verba.. cum Morte

Res non verba.. cum Deo

Res non verba.. cum Morte,cum Deo

Res non verba.. cum Morte,cum inferno

4-Strategos Autokrator 

Pascere Deos

Praising the sin of idolatry

Bow to me

For those who die in vain 

To seal your fate

Surrender or crucifixion

Under the shining edge of my sword

The Beast of Iuppiter

Roaring to the bloody sundown

Ancient prophecies

Justify thy existence

Scipio Africanus

Blowing the battle Horns

Hastatus sacrifice is the offering

Strategos Autokrator

Blood dripping edge

With the glare of the sun..

A new dawn

The Carthago Insignia on your chest

Zama, the grave for your remains

Rising from the ashes of war

The Mist of dawn

Cadaverine perception

Give my praise 

Cast into fires of steel

The taste of victory

Evidence of a Delfos Revelation


                                                                                                               5-Triumphator Dogma

Raising Banners in victory

The greatness of the force 

A process of elimination..

Vanguard eliminating rear

Crushing dying noble enemies

Men of honour who deserve respect 

Without tears.

Cowards begging for mercy

Delve into the depths


A dormant reality..

Spiritibus infra

Mandatory rules 

Spiraldown of suffering

The eternal ascension

Building a monument 

Preserving your dignity

Brave, with no regrets, without fear..

Glorious descent to the catacombs 

Caressing the profound vaults of infinity

Foderunt in profundis

Sempiternal Idols of flesh

Falling in eternal disgrace

Crossing the Rubicone

Triumphator Dogma     

A Celebration of magnificence

Triumphator Dogma

Memento Mori

Triumphator Dogma

Solemn consecration 

                   Majestic glow                   

                Vicit imperii maiestas                 

Almost Monarch, maybe divine..

               Wearing a Crown of laurel              

         The shining..          

Of a golden triumphal Toga Picta

        Porta Triumphalis, face in red          

Towards the Capitolinus Mons 

Riding in splendour

Procession showing the spoils of war

Fascino, Mos maiorum, The offering..  

Sacrifice to Iuppiter

Triumphator Dogma

Memento Mori

Triumphator Dogma

6-Horrendis execrationibus

Thus creating chaos from  mayhem

Imperial Troops offensive landing

The Bastion of the elite 

Succumbing to the Storm

Fleeing to their homes   

Now the last Stronghold

Legions breaking down the walls 

Designed to halt the attacks for centuries

Beyond the walls dissolving hopes

Relentless invasion, Carthago execration

Slaves becoming warriors

Brandishing their swords

House by house

Perishing with no pity one by one..

At the height of the battle

Temples desecration 

Driven to despair

Into the Fires of purification


The end of a dynasty

For Volkanus the fire

An offering to the Gods

For Mars the Victory

Our Horror for the wolf of war

7-Spolia Opima

For the strength of conviction

For the one who shed the blood

For the honor of the victorious

who struck down the Inimicus

Under the Yoke of Orcus

Avoiding the smell of defeat 

Fearing the God of torment 

Breeding the fuel of thy wrath

Glorious walking 

Calm before the Storm

Pactum ante pugnam

Thy will be done

Archaic ceremonies

Crupellarius hugging the tree 

Debunking the Myth of the opponent

Shining down from the Ìnferus

The honor of triumph

A Journey across Elysium 

For the Blind god war trophies

For the son of chaos and impurity

Here is my offering 

Radiant, beyond the abyss..

Spolia Opima

8-The awakening of Victory

Glorious Legions Ave!

Fighting for the eternal Glory of Rome

Invictus! Ave Imperator!

Bounded by Flames 

Reborn from the ashes of war

Absque ulla conditione

Capitulation denied

Malum ab inferno

Qui gladio ferit, gladio perit

Ignis filiorum! For the Eagle! 

For the Imperium!

The awakening of Victory

9-Ad Victoriam

Fulgur ,Fulgurator 


Invictus, Praedator

Lus ad bellum

Hostibus sumus

Ignis filiorum

Immunde spiritus

Ad Victoriam


Hic victor

Morior invictus 

Veni, vidi, vici   

Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes 

Extinctus ambitur idem


Music Decomposed/Recorded/Mixed & Mastered

From 10/03/2020 to 6/6/2021 at Bunker Studios


All Music/Lyrics/Instruments & Concept by Lord Necrotomb

Design by Diabolos Tattoo-Art & Toro is Design.

Additional notes;

Ad Victoriam is a war / concept album based on the Punic wars covering the most important battles faced by the Roman Empire from the first Battle of Carthage in 216 BC to the last battle of Carthage in 149 BC. which was the final and decisive confrontation of the Third Punic War.

A great story about a great Empire synthesized in 9 songs that crosses the battlefields of Cannas or Zama where great strategists such as Publio Cornelio Scipio or Aníbal Barca venerated for centuries to the present, played the most important and decisive roles in history that gave rise to the fate of the occident.

Ad Victoriam Lyrically also introduces itself in all the deeper aspects of military strategy, Honor, decorations and the celebration of triumphs to give it a more epic and great feeling, something that will always fall too short to describe in words/music the greatness of the Roman Empire.

Musically wargoatcult continues to grow, making guitar solos more common in their songs, creating much more complex riffs and structures.

A much lower tuning than usual has been used again to give a more epic, dark and brutal touch to the Album, again demonstrating that each Album requires changes in many aspects in order to reach the desired end.

Wargoatcult takes up arms again! Ad Victoriam!

Incompetence come true:

After a long wait and due to the lack of communication and incompetence of the Label Brutal Panzer Assault recs from Mex with which wargoatcult had previously worked, the decision has been made and Ad Victoriam nor any other work of the band will be released by this Label.

The Brazilian edition under the Label Obskure chaos Distro was postponed until February 2023 due to financial problems due to an accident suffered by its owner.