Title; Prodromos


-Barbatos Productions-Russia.

-Trench Warfare Production-Turkey.

-Merch of the Dead Prods-Spain.

-wargoatcult music


-CD-Limited Edition-100 Copies.

-CD-Limited Edition-100 Copies.

-Limited edition-Digipak 100 Copies.

-Digital Bandcamp

Release Date; 11/03/2023

Cover & design; 

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Assisted by Toro is Design

Track list;

1-Summoning winds of war

2-Vomitor of the abominations

3-Teleios destroying entheos

4-Odium Humani generis

5-Iniquity, the essence of your soul

6-Nexus of the embers and lust

7-Ab exordio generis humani

8-Abhorrent carnal lethargy

9-Damnation as the art of domination

10-Ego te absolvo

11-The pestilent transmigration


1-Summoning winds of war

Rites of flesh, sworn to the black revelation

Arising in blasphemy

Psalms of death, sworn to the dark execration

Summoning winds of war

2-Vomitor of the abominations

Cursed from birth

Endowed with a promise of death

Fragility of the humanity

Existence as deception


Receive this offering

Spiritual immolation


Fallen in disgrace

Mandatory sacrifice

Scourge of blasphemy

Atrocious subjugation

In bestial abomination

3-Teleios destroying entheos

Black seeds of divinity

Fallacy of the utopian harmony

In tension with the deity

The genesis of extermination

Beyond the conception of God

4-Odium Humani Generis

Perpetuating hate

Rotten soul darker than black

Beating to the rhythm of rancor

Feeding on revenge

Intimate enemy of existence


Finding my deepest desire

Ripping the soul through tragedy

Blowing out

Blasphemous fire inner

5-Iniquity,the essence of your soul

Engulfed in fire

Vomiting the great power of hate

From the depths of all time

Releasing chaotic winds of extinction


Imperative demand of a great sacrifice for your God

Transmutation scrolling through the stench in ascension

The shining birth of a great savior

6-Nexus of the embers and lust

Existential torture 

Bringing spiritual holocaust

Ecstasy in agony

Offering my voices and sanity

7-Ab Exordio Generis humani

Forbidden liberation drowning in perverse delight

Awaken the inner fire with every word spoken

The flesh as an oracle that haunts my existence

Sinful and rebellious

Infamous soldier of fate


Every sunrise is a battle

An endless war I was born for

Fierce and alone

Against the vicious plague

Called humanity

Finding honour in every victory

8-Abhorrent carnal lethargy

As a catalyst for existential torment

The walking chaos withering away

A chalice overflowing with darkness and impurity

Nurturing Adamà where your Golem lies


Succumbing to the fire

As above, so below

Into the temple of flesh immolation

Impure consecration of lust.

9-Damnation as the art of domination 

Burning Entitatem 

Rising Crown of the cosmos

Anger rebirth in chaos continuum  


Creating a state of consummation

I am the petrified representation of Death

10-Ego te absolvo

Black wings of the Beast rising from the storms

Axis of fate assembled where spirits will never reborn

Flamigerous serpents soaring the ominous skies

Primal incarnation of fire


Devotees of the glorious reign

Chosen to be forsaken

Venomous Dominator summon


Apex Predator iliberitarum

Gods manipulating deified men

Sovereign claiming from the embers of lust

Thus dominating majestic and bloodborne


The crawling chaos deep below

                  Thy ascending crowned deity               

Cold claws on the neck

Taking you back to the infinity

Ego te absolvo

Cold as eternity

The triumph of thy will

Ego te absolvo 


11-The pestilent transmigration

Across the subterranean chambers

Beneath the remains of hate

Adoration of the shrines, obscura..

Forsaken temples of flesh


Blowing blasphemous fire

Raising majestic storms

Pilgrims of the dark awaiting

Praising the hammer of war


Music Decomposed/Recorded/Mixed & Mastered

 From 01-18-2022 to 07-27-2023 at Bunker Studios


All Music/Lyrics/Instruments & Concept by Lord Necrotomb

Design by Diabolos Tattoo-Art & Toro is Design.

Additional notes;