Title; The Wargonaut

Label; Infernal Khaos Prods-Korea

Format; Cd-Jewel case

Copies; 500

Release Date; 12/10/2019

Cover & design;

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Track list;

1-Shining in blasphemy (C C).

2-Incinerate-desecrate-annhilate (C C).

3-Grave defiance (C C).

4-Chapel of the dead Angels (C C).

5-Flash of the razor-Bestial Mockery Cover (C C).

6-Extermination Day (WGC).

7-Into the atomic Hell (WGC)..

8-Bestial intolerance (WGC).

9-Rise the torch of war (WGC).

10-Sadomaso whore-Impaled Nazarene cover (WGC).


Recorded, mixed & masterized at Bunker Studios-Spain from 4 to 10 August 2010 by Lord Necrotomb. All Music, lyrics, Instruments, Voices, intros & concept by Lord Necrotomb

Additional notes;

With live videos and photos, in January 2011 a lyric video of the song "Into the atomik hell" was made and uploaded to YouTube on January 5 of the same year.