Title; Blasphemization through intolerance

Label; Butchered Recs/Old Cemetery Recs/ Sevared Recs.

Format; Cd-Jewel case

Copies; 1000

Release Date; 2-28-2011

Cover & design;

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Track list;

1-Introduction/Heathen resistance (Heathen Lifecode).

2-Chaos continuum (Heathen Lifecode).

3-Illegal iconoclasm (Heathen Lifecode).

4-Eostar vanguard (Heathen Lifecode).

5-Heathen lifecode (Heathen Lifecode).

6-Made in plutonium hellfire (Wargoatcult).

7-No place for cowards (Wargoatcult).

8-Nuklear gods of extermination (Wargoatcult).

9-Walls of Jericho (Wargoatcult).

10-La Virgen llora en los brazos de la Bestia (Wargoatcult).


Recorded, mixed & masterized at Bunker Studios-Spain from 20 February to 10-March 2009 by Lord Necrotomb. All Music, lyrics, Instruments, Voices, intros & concept by Lord Necrotomb

Additional notes;

This split was possible thanks to the previous reissue of the first demo "Nuclearmageddon theories" in USA through the Label wings of pestilence Records in cassette format in 2008. Then and thanks to this split, the two Labels decided to release the band's first official album, Pentaprotokhaos.