Title; Blasfematoria/Usque Ad Ossa

Label; Supremacy of the war Recs-Brazil

Format; Cassette

Limited edition; 100 copies.

Release Date; 07/01/2012

Cover & design; Wandestroyer

Track List;

Side A;

1-Escupe fuego en la Cruz invertida-(Wargoatcult).

2-Pudrete en el puto Infierno-(Wargoatcult).


4-Blasfema blasfematoria-(Wargoatcult).

Side B;

5-Intro; Fire.. -(Die Human Race).

6-To conquer-(Die Human Race).

7-War face-(Die Human Race).

8-Depression Demoniac-(Die Human Race).

9-Human blasphemy-(Die Human Race).


Composed/recorded/Mixed & Mastered in September 2011 from 1 to 25Th At Bunker Studios. All Music/Intros/lyrics/Instruments/Voices & Concept by Lord Necrotomb.

Additional notes;

Blasfematoria was originally recorded for a 7" Ep release, but unfortunately the Label Lacked sufficient professionalism and the deal was canceled by the Band.This is the reason for the short duration of the songs. Fortunately Die Human Race appeared with a new offer under Supremacy of the war Label, ruled by Wandestroyer (Die Human Race-Guit/vocals) and the pact was signed.