Title; Bestial Supremacy

Label; Nexus Inspillinger-Spain

Format; Cassette

Limited edition; 300 copies.

Release Date; 11/01/2010

Cover & design;

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Track list;

Side A;

1-Santos negros en Tierra maldita (WGC).

2-Corona muerta con Cuernos (WGC).

3-Batallón de castigo (WGC).

4-Nadie espera el fin del Mundo (WGC).

5-Unholy vengeance of war-Black Witchery cover (WGC).

Side B;

6-Metal de guerra (RMC).

7-A Bandeira (RMC).

8-A furia das Montañas-Sabbat cover (RMC).

-Rescaldo (RMC).


Composed/recorded/mixed & masterized on July 2010 at Bunker Studios-Spain. All Music/Intros/lyrics/Instruments/Voices & Concept by Lord Necrotomb.

Additional notes;

This cassette is the first release of Bestial supremacy Split, the second edition of this recording was released in Cd format Via Hammer Of Damnation Recs-Brazil-2010.

Batallón de castigo is in part a little tribute to Spanish well known RAC Band Batallón de Castigo. This song was uploaded to youtube on lyric Video format. His strong explicit and aggressive content with a clear attack to Christian faith and morals, was motive of denunciation by conservative christian groups in the Court of León-Spain.Finally, wargoatcult won the contest, alluding to his right of freedom of expression, covered by the Spanish Constitution drafted in 1978.

Unholy vengeance of war is a Black witchery cover, a tribute to a Band that meant something at that time..No Tregenda-No Black Witchery.

​This edition contains two Button, two stickers and one patch from each Band as a bonus.