Title; Promo 2009

Label; Self-released

Format; Cdr

Limited edition; 100 copies.

Release Date; 01/01/2009

Cover & design;

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Track list;

1-The law of Kalashnikov

2-Post nuclear annihilation

3-Black Panzer-Goat artillery).

Additional notes;

This Promo included three raw songs from the first album recorded "The law of Kalashnikov".

100 copies were self-produced on Pro-Cover Cdr Format with multimedia content including; a Bio, Promotional pics, 1 low-cost Videoclip (Thermonuclear ascension) And three songs.

​The majority of Promos were given as gifts included in the ticket for the Extreme Metal Attack 2009-Portugal creating a interesting expectation in the Band. The following year wargoatcult plays the third live Performance there sharing with Desaster,Xerion and many more Bands.