Year of the Goat 2010


Oceanos de fuego clip finished & Uploaded to youtube on the day 12.


Wargoatcult entered the studio for the recording of a new promo.

MARCH 2010:

Wargoatcult signed with Black filth prods (usa) for release a patche.

MARCH 2010:

Wargoatcult starts to compose & record a new album in Semana Santa (Spanish traditional holy week) ,

The album is about repudiation, hatred and disgust with lyrics of total blasphemy and insult to this celebration,

Being a point and part of the band's usual theme, totally sung in Spanish.

APRIL 2010:

Wargoatcult finished the new promo including three tracks.

A la guerra con Satan/Verga de chivo en culo de Monja including Nuevos Dioses.

The first two songs belong to the upcoming album recorded in Semana Santa titled "En pie de guerra".

The song "Nuevos Dioses" was excluded from the Korean 5-Way Split for exceeding the time limit.

APRIL 2010;

Wargoatcult finished the new album, "En pie de guerra".

MAY 2010:

Wargoatcult starts to record another album.

The unstoppable thirst to create and shake the scene, is not an impediment to continue working without having open contracts of the labels.

JUNE 2010:

Wargoatcult entered the studio for record 3 new songs and a cover (Unholy vengeance of war-Black Witchery) for the split with Brazilians Ravendark..s Monarchal Canticle.

JULY 2010:

Wargoatcult signed with Nexus Inspillinger (Spain) for release wargoatcult/Ravens dark Monarchal canticle split on cassette.

AUGUST 2010:

Wargoatcult signed with IPK (Infernal Kaos Prods) Korea for a new split cd with the Chainsaw Carnage-USA.

AUGUST 2010:

Wargoatcult finished the recording of Wargoatcult/Chainsaw Carnage split & Wargoatcult/Ravens Dark Monarchal Canticle Split.

Finalizing thus a long and hard process of recording and composition.


Wargoatcult/Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle split is finnaly out on Cassette format via Nexus Inspillinger (Spain).


Wargoatcult finished three new songs+intro/Outro for a possible split with Xerion via Nigra Mors Recs-Spain on Cassette format.


Wargoatcult launch the first official embroidered Patche via Talheim recs-Austria/Germany.


Wargoatcult/Ravendark Monarchal Canticle CD is finally release via Hammer of Damnation prods From Brazil on CD format.