Title; Wargoatcult/Xerión

Label; Nigra Mors Recs-Spain

Format; Cassette

Limited edition; 100 copies.

Release Date; 09/01/2011

Cover & design; Igor

Track List;

Side A;

1-Intro-Christiadamus (Wargoatcult).

2-Christcrushing extermination (Wargoatcult).

3-Driven to heretic release (Wargoatcult).

4-Catastrophobia (Wargoatcult).

5-Nostrachrist-Outro (Wargoatcult).

Side B;

6-A eterea dor e a labirintica existencia (Xerión).

7-O abafo crepuscular da soidade (Xerión).

8-De Profundis- (Xerión).


Recorded/Mixed & Masterized in November 2010 at Bunker Studios-Spain, all Music/Intros/lyrics/Instruments/Voices & Concept by Lord Necrotomb.

Additional notes;

This Split was re-released via Black Imperium Productions-Brazil 02/25/2012 on Cassette format, limited to 80 copies, licensed by Nigra Mors Recs.