Wargoatcult song was recorded, mixed & masterized at Bunker Studios-Spain. All Instruments and voices by L.Necrotomb.

Additional notes;

The Official Tribute to Rotting Christ Double CD was Limited to 1000 copies. Includes poster Bands from all over the world paying tribute to one of the most original Black Metal bands of all times.

Title; Official Tribute to Rotting Christ

Label; Azermedoth Records-Mex.

Format; Double Cd

Copies; 1000

Release Date; 01/01/2013

Cover & design;

Azermedoth Records

Track list;

Disc 1;

1-Cendres de Haine-The Hills of the Crucifixion

2-Black Command-Feast of the Grand Whore

3-Wolftribe-The Nereid of Esgalduin

4-Wargoatcult-Restoration of the Infernal Kingdom

5-Besatt-The Sign of Evil Existance

6-Tundra-Fgment, Thy Gift

7-Maledicare-Dive the Deepest Abyss

8-Naer Mataron-The Fourth Knight of Revelation 1 &2

9-Plutonian Shore-The Fifth Illusion

10-Obsequiae-Wolfera the Chacal (Neoplasia)

Disc 2;

1-Ereshkigal-Non Serviam

2-Xerion-King of a stellar War

3-House of Atreus-Archon

4-Winter Eternal-Diastric Alchemy

5-Enoid-A Dead Poem

6-Borgne-Out of Spirits

7-Cold Colours-Cold Colours

8-Nefas Terra-Athanati Este