Title; ApolokiA V

Label; Talheim Recs-Austria/Germany

Format; Cd-Jewel Case

Copies; 500

Release Date; 07/01/2013

Cover & design;

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Track list;

1-Chaos inheritance

2-Horns of the venomous

3-Hammer Goat división

4-Abomination reigns supreme

5-War Metal propaganda

6-Roaring sulphurous winds

7-Black rites for victory

8-Blasphemies into mayhem

9-The Summit of sacrifice


ApolokiA V was composed/Recorded/Mixed & Masterized from March 6Th to May 6Th 2012 at Bunker Studios-Spain.

All Music/Intros/lyrics/Instruments/Voices & Concept by Lord Necrotomb.

Additional notes;

Apolokia V is the 5Th Album recorded by the Band and the 4Th Released.

ApolokiA V represents the 5Th anniversary of the Band, but due to delays of the Label Talheim Records, it was finally released a year later than expected.

Recorded from day 6, to day 6 and released in the 6Th year of the Band. This album is surrounded by magic and mysticism in terms of numerology. Anyone who owns it will notice, as it incurs even the smallest detail ..

ApolokiA V supposed a quite drastic change in the evolution of the Band, approaching for the first time tunings in A and B in their compositions, including a new way of singing totally different from everything the band had done before.

​ApolokiA V was recorded with Three Basses, totally lacking in guitars. A classic bass was used to emulate the guitars and a Fretless Bass for the bass lines. There lies the peculiarity of its sound, leaving all the rules of Metal.