Title; Die Glocke

Label; Merch of The Dead Prods.

Format; Cdr Vinyl-Digital-Bandcamp

Release Date; 03/28/2019

Copies; 66

Cover & design;

Diabolos Tattoo-Art

Track list;

1-Hymns of desecration-Xerum 525 & Leichtmetall

2-Dawn of the Titans blood-Dormant at The Henge

3-Slaves of Ir-Kalla under abomination

4-Unholy War Metal (Dark Throne cover).


Die Glocke was composed, recorded,mixed & Mastered from 06/29/2018 to 02/06/2019

All Music/intros/lyrics/instruments/voices & concept by Lord Necrotomb.

Additional notes;

The lyrics of Die Glocke are based on a supposed Nazi Wunderwaffe (a term that means in German "wonderful weapons" or "miraculous") Making an adaptation of Myth and reality letting the imagination fly, linking the powers of that weapon with the Sumerian Deities and their own Hell.

​The music of Die Glocke is part of the attempt to create a new album that was begun to compose on the 06/29/2018, but unfortunately did not reach any specific purpose and as usual, was shredded to be distributed in different Demos and perhaps a split, giving a different dimension to each piece.

The song Unholy War Metal, is an adaptation of the song "Unholy Black Metal" of the legendary Dark Throne Band.

The original music was adapted to wargoatcult as usual, following the philosophy of not making a boring interpretation of the song, adapting it to the classic form of wargoatcult way, taking it to its own ground and brutalizing it within the possible limits, always respecting the original structure and harmony. In this case, the lyrics have also been rewritten adapting them to the usual theme of the Band, thus molding an old song in the modern context and in a more brutal way.

​Die glocke contains in the same recording the longest and the shortest songs of wargoatcult.

​In this recording the voices explored the darkest paths of the band since the 2013 album ApolokiA V...

​A video clip of the song; Slaves of Ir-Kalla under abomination was recorded between June 29 and 30, 2019 and published on YouTube and Vimeo platforms on July 1, 2019.