Year of the Morbids 2016

In February of 2016, Satane Cemetery enters the Atrako Studios-Guayaquil-Ecuador to finish shaping the voices

From the first Demo. In the month of March, once the Voices are recorded, they are mixed with the Music by Lord Necrotomb

At Bunker Studios (also moved to Caracas) giving as a final result the first complete Demo, SacroSatanSemen.

Seeing the result of the first Demo and the acceptance of the Public, the Band consolidates and decides to continue working,

So Satanae Cemetery after an unstoppable job, enters the Atrako Estudios-Guayaquil-Ecuador again

To finish shaping the second Demo in May of 2016.

In that same month and once recorded the Voices, they are mixed with the Music by Lord Necrotomb again at Bunker Studios.

The final result is the second complete Demo of Morbid Reich titled; Demonic tribulation / The abominable Empire.

October 6, 2016.. the two Morbid Reich Demos are released in Digipack de Luxe format, through the Label

Merch of the Dead Prods, property of Lord Necrotomb, in an limited edition to 100 copies for Die Hard collector.