Year of the Morbids 2012

Morbid Reich is a Band formed in Bembibre-Leon-Spain by Lord Necrotomb in the year 2012.

His Music is totally based on Thrash Metal Old School formations and the first wave of the 80's Black Metal.

Taking as standard the old glories such as Venom, Sodom, Bathory, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Vulcano, Slayer,

Sabbat (UK), Destruction, Kreator, Assassin, Dark Angel, Possessed, Hastur, Protector, Exorcist, Morbid Saint or Vectom.

In April 2012 with 5 songs composed, Lord Necrotomb begins recording at the Bunker Studios (Hell Bierzo-Spain),

Playing all instruments except voice. The final result shapes a Demo titled; SacroSatanSemen.

Was released on cassette & Cdr as instrumental Demo for a small group of friends, it was merely instrumental.