Year of the Beast 2020

SEPTEMBER 2020, 6Th;

After many inconveniences due to the COVID 19 Pandemic and other personal problems, Beastification resumes its activity. Taking riffs and structures composed sporadically during these long months, the composition of the First Demo is resumed with the intention of entering the Studio as soon as possible.

SEPTEMBER 2020, 19/20 Th;

Beastification enters Studio and finishes recording its first Demo.

SEPTEMBER 2020, 21 Th;

The first demo titled; Darkened Skies Above is released via Bandcamp and some unnumbered cassettes between close friends.

OCTOBER 2020, 6 Th;

The first Demo; Darkened Skies was released via Bandcamp through the Label Merch of the Dead Productions.

NOVEMBER 2020, 16 Th;

After the satisfaction obtained with the first Demo, the composition of the second one begins, exactly on the same Line.